Analytics, Big Data, Mathematics, Operations Research and Optimization

Your challenge

Mankind has produced more data in the last few years than in all of human history prior to that. And that data reaches us in increasingly complex ways. Yet stakeholders today expect you to process all that information quicker to make decisions that are better.

Our response

While some see this as a problem, at ORTEC we’ve been preparing for this data revolution for over 30 years. So we’re more than ready to help you make the most of the information goldmine at your fingertips. We create solutions that improve decision-making. In whichever geography or sector you operate and whatever your organization’s goals. And as the data revolution throws up new, often unexpected developments, so the potential added value of having ORTEC optimize your world continues to increase. Perhaps it’s time you find out how.
ORTEC lives and breathes Analytics & Optimization. We develop sophisticated solutions that simplify your interaction with the complexities of your business. So you can see the complete picture and make decisions based on all the facts.

Setting new standards

ORTEC has always been committed to innovation. We rise to a complex challenge and ensure every single project concludes successfully. We develop analytics and optimization solutions that are state-of-the-art and often pioneering. Our team has vast experience in Operations Research and IT, which we combine with extensive knowledge of industry-specific business processes across almost every industry imaginable.

Understanding business

Our people are among the best in the business, from industry thought leaders to bright new talents. They work at ORTEC because they get a buzz out of adding real value to a customer’s business. And share a hands-on mentality, working in close collaboration with customers and partners on a global scale, from Australia to the US, Scandinavia to Brazil.

Delivering results

Our proven software solutions can operate in any customer environment and be integrated with any software solution. Like our people, they combine cutting edge optimization theory with hard-earned practical experience in critical business environments.

Solutions that make things transparent, giving you oversight and insight. That support better decision-making at the operational, tactical and strategic levels. And that improve profitability, so our customers can constantly innovate to consistently outperform the competition.

Together we can optimize your world.


  • International track record since 1981
  • Best-in-class analytics and optimization experts
  • Robust, flexible, user-friendly software that integrates with all leading ERP/SCM/WMS software
  • Hands-on analytics & consulting services
  • Committed to deliver
  • Continuous knowledge exchange with unrivalled installed user base
  • The win/win way to green through optimized resource utilization