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We have all grown accustomed to seeing lines and lines of consumers impatiently waiting for the Apple store to open and sell them the latest iPhone, iPad or any other new iDevice. News stations and social media can’t get enough of Apple devotees in sleeping bags. Strangely, the most revolutionary Apple product in years didn’t get much traction in media.

For most consumers the immense success of the iPhone and the iPad may have obfuscated the fact that Apple is not just a device company, but a company that is reshaping the way we view -and have access to – the world.

And now, with the latest Apple TV, this company is coming for your intranet and your living room.

Apple Revenue breakdown per product

Apple Revenue breakdown per product

3 Ways the New Apple TV is Disrupting Media

“Channels are dead; the future of TV is apps.” That’s how Mashable’s Christina Warren chose to start her review of the latest Apple TV, which was released late last year. Indeed, besides boasting brand new hardware improvements and a nicer interface, the most interesting thing about this new version (by far) was the fact that it contains an app store. We haven’t heard much about it since its launch, but it’s about time we realize that it can have a profoundly disruptive effect – especially where content consumption is concerned.

Apple Revenue per Year

Apple Revenue per Year

At imgZine, we are always looking for new technologies and their impact on the way we interact with media, in the workplace and at home. We help companies tailor their communications for the mobile era through apps that distribute smarter, more relevant and personalized content for the end user. We’ve seen the evolution of content consumption on tablets and smartphones first hand. Mobile apps have come to dominate many aspects of our lives, from reading the news to listening to music, watching our favorite series and even managing our household budget. In the U.S. for instance, 54% of digital media time is spent on tablet and smartphone apps. So how will a new app store in the Apple TV impact the way we consume digital media? Here’s our take:

1. The new Apple TV will disrupt media consumption in the living room

The app store makes the development of new apps exclusively for the Apple TV possible. Major players like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, HBO, Vevo and YouTube are already in there. It’s only a matter of time until developers start creating new apps and selling them directly on the Apple TV. A bigger screen means more possibilities for engagement and therefore interesting opportunities for content owners and advertisers as well.

2. The new Apple TV is poised to revolutionize gaming

iOS has so far been the preferred mobile platform for casual gaming. Developers will be rushing to optimize their existing games for the Apple TV or develop new ones exclusively for the living room experience. Some interesting titles have already been developed for the Siri Remote’s motion control capabilities, as Engadget reports. It’s suddenly easier to foresee a time when controllers are replaced by phones and tablets that operate the big screen. Others are speculating that the Apple TV could be laying the groundwork for a future Apple VR headset, making it the next big thing in the gaming space.

3. The new Apple TV will disrupt narrowcasting and internal communications

Narrowcasting has been used for decades to share content with limited audiences. In large companies, for instance, narrowcasting is used to show company insights, play recent event recordings or share internal news. But narrowcasting solutions tend to be quite limited. They usually have their own CMS and specific people need to be trained to use it. The Apple TV can open up the age of narrowcasting 2.0. With workplaces becoming smarter and increasingly connected, employees will have access to a wider variety of screens to share information and interact with key stakeholders. The new Apple TV should compel companies to develop apps with more visually engaging content. You can leverage smart algorithms to show relevant information to employees at the best times during the day. Our platform, for instance, already connects to the internal communication systems of several large corporates. Internal communications managers at these companies can create great content playlists with a few simple clicks.

Graphs by: Niké Bakker

How do you think the new Apple TV can impact the way we consume digital media? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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