Artificial Intelligence the future of Energy Markets


Erasmus University

Rotterdam: home of the largest port of Europe and home of one the world’s most recognized Universities: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Throughout the years Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam always fostered a climate that encourages an innovative approach towards economic research combined with high level quantitative methods.

Professor Wolfgang Ketter

For over 7 years Dr. Wolgang Ketter is Professor of Next Generation Information Systems at the Department of Technology and Operations Management at the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. Professor Ketter’s areas of interest and research are: Learning Agents and Future Energy Markets.

Learning Agents

ORTEC Consulting Group spoke with Professor Ketter about his research and the role Big Data Plays in the energy markets of the future.  We discussed a variety of topics, including: Learning agents, artificial intelligence and the role of smart grids in the transition towards a sustainable energy provision.

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