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Data Science by Numbers is a new series that we’ll be publishing on our ORTEC Data Science LinkedIn page every week. Over the next 22 weeks, you’ll be exposed to #DataScience related facts that inspire intrigue and that are relevant to our field of work. It never hurts to add a little more general knowledge to your repertoire, it might even give you the added “oomph” at a networking event as you try to impress your prospects.

We hope you enjoy these facts as much as we do, and if you have any other facts that you would like to see in our series, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Data Science by Numbers: A Week-by-Week Breakdown

  • Week no.1: “Experts predict that by 2020, the amount of data produced annually will increase 4,300%,” according to the National Post.
  • Week no.2: “How workers think about human-machine AI centaurs: 78% would work with AI manager if meant more balanced workload; 65% would free employees from menial tasks; 64% would offer employees new opportunities; 50% would follow AI system if predicted most efficient way to manage a project,” according to PWC.
  • Week no.3: “40% of total data created will be from sensors,” according to Gartner.
  • Week no.4: “59% of all Data Science and Analytics (DSA) job demand is in Finance and Insurance, Professional Services, and IT,” according to IBM.
  • Week no.5: “69% of corporate executives named Greater Data Variety as the most important factor for drivers of Big Data success,” according to an MIT study.
  • Week no.6: “83% of data scientists say there aren’t enough data scientists in the field,” as stated by CrowdFlower.
  • Week no.7: “52% of all university analytics programs were created after 2011, “according to Tableau.
  • Week no.8: “Open Data can help unlock economic value annually in the U.S. worth over $3-5 trillion,” says McKinsey.
  • Week no.9: “76% of data scientists view Data Preparation as the least enjoyable part of their work,” says GilPress.
  • Week no.10: “Every two years, we produce 10 times as much data,” according to Data Crunch.
  • Week no.11: “The Information Technology and Services industry employs the largest number of data scientists,” says Stitch.
  • … stick around for more facts coming your way …

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