2016: The best of our blog


The best posts of 2016. Chosen by the editors of “This Complex World”. Featuring: big data, healthcare, multimedia analytics, Dijkstra’s Algorithm, an  interview with Microsoft’s CTO of data: Raghu Ramakrishnan and many more.

  1. It all began with Dijkstra’s algorithm
  2. A conversation with Raghu Ramakrishnan, CTO at Microsoft Data
  3. The struggle of a puzzle: why my job is helping people so much!
  4. A Portal to Better Healthcare: How The ORTEC Big Data Portal Helps North Star Alliance Offer Quality Health Services in Africa
  5. Exploring Multi Media Analytics
  6. Big Opportunities in the Brave New World of Logistics
  7. Reinvent your innovation process to unlock analytics’ potential
  8. The Sexiest Job…
  9. Constraint Programming
  10. Going the last mile with analytics

Enjoy the read and have a happy and healthy 2017

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