From downtime to uptime with predictive maintenance


Faulty boilers, jammed printers and malfunctioning coffee machines… We all have to deal with them from time to time, and we all wish that these problems would go away as quickly as possible. Service organizations can respond to this wish by dispatching a mechanic as quickly as possible, preferably one with the right skills, tools and parts to solve the problem in one go, also known as a First Time Fix. If at all possible, customers should even be able to schedule the appointment at the time that suits them best. Once you’ve carried out a successful repair and the appliance or machine is back up and running, you’ll have provided great service to your customer. But is there a smarter way?

From downtime to uptime
You can raise your service to the next level by anticipating malfunctions and manage to prevent any downtime in the first place. An appropriate maintenance strategy can help you significantly reduce the chance of malfunctions, by scheduling periodic maintenance, for instance, or linking maintenance windows to usage.
The key drawback of preventive maintenance, however, is that it is relatively expensive, as it often involves replacing parts that still had some life in them. Those looking for a more effective approach, will find a solution in predictive maintenance.

Predictive maintenance
Predictive maintenance is a maintenance strategy that lets you carry out maintenance only when it is actually necessary. Based on large quantities of data, we create a mathematical model that accurately predicts the right moment for maintenance.
Such a strategy has significant benefits:

  • Continuous availability of the appliance or machine in question
  • Easily scheduled maintenance; no unexpected downtime
  • Lower cost: no unnecessary preventive maintenance or corrective maintenance
  • Less stock thanks to targeted part ordering

Briefly put: predictive maintenance maximizes the uptime whilst reducing costs. The key advantage: maximizing your ability to respond to your customer’s needs & wishes, giving a tremendous boost to how customers experience your service.

To find out more about predictive maintenance and optimal service planning, please feel free to contact us.

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